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The Dream Home Project




FAQ – The Dream Home Project

Q. What is The Dream Home Project?

A. An initiative to give away $50,000 that will go towards the purchase of your first home. We are hoping that this gift will help a deserving individual or family in our local community get their start on the property ladder.

Q. Wait, you’re literally giving it away? Why would anyone just give away $50,000?

A. As Realtors, we understand it is more difficult than ever to buy your first home and a lot of people are feeling locked out. We are responding to feedback from our own clients frustrated by continually rising house prices and we want to help make a difference. Our desire is to help give First Time Home Buyers the boost they deserve.

Q. Hold on, what happens to my Personal Data if I enter this contest?

A. You will not be contacted unless it is to notify you that you are one of our finalists, which would then require you to acknowledge our Terms and Conditions for legal purposes. Your personal data and information won’t be shared with any third parties outside of the contest without your consent. You will not be contacted by Dream Homes Vancouver Island Group for any solicitation purposes.

Q. Okay, can anyone apply?

A. Applicants must meet ALL of the following: (1) be over 19 years of age, (2) be a BC resident, (3) be a First Time Home Buyer, (4) be able to qualify for a mortgage and (5) be able to show proof of at least $10,000 CAD in your personal bank account.

Q. I’m a Realtor and my client would be perfect for this — can they still enter the contest as a Represented Party?
A. Yes, absolutely! In fact, one of our stipulations is that the winner will need to be represented by a Licensed Realtor. And that Realtor cannot be a part of Dream Homes Vancouver Island Group since it would represent a conflict of interest. We encourage all of our fellow Realtors to spread the word and have their clients enter the contest provided they qualify.

Q. Any home? You mean I can finally buy a ski cabin in Revelstoke?

A. No, as this is a local initiative, the winner is restricted to purchasing their first home between Nanaimo and Bowser on Vancouver Island (Zones 4 and 5).

Q. I love The Island! How do I apply?

A. Visit and submit your personal story.

Q. Submit a story? What kind of story?

A. YOUR story, meaning a bit about yourself, your family and/or your personal real estate journey thus far. Stories can be written or submitted by video upload — or both! Send photos, be creative, help our judges get to know you better. They want to under- stand the challenges you and your family might be facing and of course don’t forget to describe your Dream Home! And if you’re only just getting started … then great! All qualifying applicants will be considered.

Q. Any other rules I should know about?

A. The winner(s) must work with a Licensed Realtor. Dream Homes Vancouver Island Group cannot represent the winner since it would be a conflict of interest. And the winner(s) must consent to the use of their name, image, voice and personal story in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

Q. How is the winner determined?

A. The winner will be determined by a panel of 5 independent judges. The group of Realtors in Dream Homes Vancouver Island Group will not be on the final judging panel.

Q. When will the prize be announced?

A. You must submit your story by January 31st, 2022. The winner(s) will be announced on March 14th, 2022.

Q. Okay I’ve submitted my story — now what?

A. You will receive a confirmation email to let you know we’ve received your submission. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all updates!